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The world of anamorphic screens

This type of advertising can be wonderful for those companies that want to bring their brand to the new aesthetic where the technologies and the artificial intelligence are dominating the scene, with the inclusion of vectors, lines, bits and set ups your brand will be on the next level of professional.

The anamorphic screens represent the development of new methodologies that use software’s of design that are not for everyone, that is why most of these techniques are managed by special agencies of 3D content creation, a non-specialized agency can destroy a brand in seconds not to mention that can damage very expensive equipment.

The procedures of work are very interesting and satisfactory at the end, the deformation of the image between the screens and the high definition of the pictures bring out new parameters of angels to the aesthetic of the brand that is advertising itself. The preview of the final work just shows a little detail of everything that is gone be displayed in the big LED 3D screen.

Anamorphic installations to the next level

The way these types of projects are developed brings out a whole new experience to the consumer which is the one taking the purchase action, let’s remember that the anamorphic screens are more intuitive and can be installed without the use of special techniques but they have to be managed in that way. This works as a precedent of what the future can bring for the 3D content creators and agencies, the future of advertising is on the details of what they can bring.

Managing the new techniques of installation of screens is just the tip of the iceberg, there is a whole world behind the anamorphic billboards. Visit our web DOOPLER STUDIO to find out more about this technology.

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