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The wonders of animation

The evolution of technologies brings out what we can call the golden age of animation, creating content that is attractive for the world to consume. This content started to surface at the beginning of the post war, after the technologie evolved so is the animation, where the art transcended the 2D screens and became 3D to the fact that now is available to everyone.

3D content agencies are using animation and graphics in all of their media, including the creation of anamorphic billboards only based on animated environments where people can interact with graphics and spaces only possible in their imagination. The animation these days is unstoppable and gives the designers the virtue of creating limitlessly.

Animation is available in any piece of media we consume every day, although some are more simple than others. The most common pieces of animation in mainstream media are credits on movies, cartoons and even title credits on tv shows. Animation is just an easy way to create the uncredible.

Publicity and creativity

In marketing and massive media outlets the animation has become a tool that can give the producers a wide world of possibilities, especially in the creation of content, because LED billboards can feed up anamorphic content that can be created through animation.

It is kinda unbelievable that with the production of animated content you can advertise a product or a service to the public, but even when this doesn’t seem like a reality it totally is and is something that creative agencies are doing every single second.

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