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The difference between screen

The system that controls LED screens can vary between the different types of LED screens, some might be in sync systems and some can be manual or out of sync. This system will depend directly on the type of screen you decide to purchase, because not all of the screens are designed for all of the audiences. In this opportunity we are going to express the pros and cons of choosing a synchronized system in LED screens

During this comparison we are going to analyze the functions of the screen, the capacity of the same and the budget that you need to invest to actually acquire this type of screen for your brand. The first thing we need to know is: what exactly does it do? this type of screen can change the content (videos and images) only by the use of a computer or equipment in the place where the LED screen is located. 

This gives the owner the opportunity of changing everything displayed there without contacting anyone besides themselves. all the content shown in the screen is managed by the owner and it can be controlled at pleasure. The resolution of these screens is also better, because of the controlling system.

The resolution of the screen

It is fundamental for the user to actually take care of the resolution of the image in their LED screens because that will change the message they are trying to send with this tool.  With a good screen your message can be seen from very far away without losing any detail, otherwise the image looks vanished and the message gets lost by its audience.

Investing in a good screen means a better quality in image and perspective so your messenger looks clear and well developed. try to locate the screen in a clear and safe place so the images and letters are clear for everybody.


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