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Synchronic LED System

The LED screens have different types of controllers and systems that let them work properly, since this technology is so popular between marketing agencies and brands we are going to explain a little about the synchronic LED system screens. this style of screens is more common and friendly to big brands that actually don’t have the time to stay in the same place taking control of the screen day by day.

3D content agencies use the synchronic LED system screens to advertise brands around the world using artificial intelligence that can be reutilized in any place of the world without them actually being there. These screens work through wireless controllers or webs that are connected directed to the world wide web.

These types of controllers require continuous communication between the screens and the computer that controls them, but they are able to communicate around the whole world without being present directly in the place where the screen is installed.

The content and the LED

The advertising companies use these types of screens to actually work as anamorphic billboards, using anamorphic content that can confuse or distract the naked eye. Most of the greatest companies use these types of screens to create environments that can be satisfactory and pleasing to the people that see them.

the transmission should be directly from a multimedia player that keeps full on connection with the screen, this connection can be to a computer primarily but could be also to a camera or console that transmits the video to the screen without interruptions. This is a key factor since the video won’t have the same impact if its not connected to the twenty-four hours of the day.

In conclusion, to create a better solution and effect to the naked eye through the LED screens you need to use a synchronic system that lets you create hundreds of things with only one screen and in any place of the world.


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