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How to Make Naked Eye 3D Video?

What is a really naked-eye 3D LED Display?

Outdoor 3D LED Screen is actually a combination of 3D Digital LED Display technology and L shape LED Screen or Traditional Flat LED screen to produce 3D images and 3D animation

Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Screen is an LED Screen Display that allows viewers to enjoy 3D video content without wearing any glasses.

Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Display combinate the special L shape with right angle LED Screen + Creative 3D Video Footage to achieve a naked-eye 3D display effect. This is the latest LED Screen. Compared with the traditional LED screen, more differences come from the realistic 3D animation visual experience. The customized 3D animation video perfectly integrates the LED display into your building.

The 3D LED display requires higher requirements on Grayscale, Refresh, and Frame rate.

The background of the large 3D LED Screen is integrated into the surrounding environment of the 3D LED screen to achieve the invisible effect of the large 3D LED screen, combined with the 3D animation to produce the naked eye 3D effect.

Find a right-angle building in a bustling city center or a high-traffic commercial plaza to install the 3D LED screen. Measure the relevant data of the 3D LED display to tell us. The 3D LED Screen is very suit for the unique devices for a super Mall, Plaza, and trade show advertising.


How to Make Naked Eye 3D Video for 3D LED Display?

The so-called naked-eye 3D video means that you can directly watch 3D videos without 3D glass. 3D LED display supports the naked eye 3D video function.

The naked eye 3D explosion is not without reasonmaking tidbits nike naked eye 3D video Using the Principles of Optical Illusions Create an immersive experience in 3D Space To improve the competitiveness of the industry Start by improving your understanding of the dynamic Naked eye 3D video design.


Dynamic Naked-eye 3D animation video is one of the future commercial application directions.

With 3D LED billboards, LED screens, LCD TVs, and other media at your fingertips changing day by day, it has become a challenge for designers to convey brand stories to consumers in a short period of time, and dynamic naked-eye 3D video design is one of the solutions.

Iguchi Haotai, a dynamic designer for the Tokyo Olympics, said in an interview: “With the change of media, dynamic design can express meanings that static information cannot express, making information flow and have the function of conveying.”

It can be seen that no matter what company it is, understanding and mastering dynamics are necessary abilities for future designers.

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