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Frames on the LED screen and what to do

We all know and love the anamorphic ads we see every day in social media and how they are produced around the world to create a new experience in marketing. Since the day their popularity increased, everyone started to research about them and how they can produce them for their own brands.

Nonetheless this is a very tricky and delicate technique that it has to be threaten carefully, sometimes the anamorphic content can be damaged and the image can be distorted with no reason, that is why the advertising companies have to use video adjustments to improve any little detail in the interphase between the video and the screen.

The synchronic LED systems can be modified and actualized in real time, no need to stop the reproduction on the anamorphic billboard or turning down the LED screen. These systems are ideal for live advertisement because of that but it has to be threatened with precision, if not they can be a big loss not only in money but also in technology.

Real time edition and processing

Since the edition of the synchronic systems is live and in real time, these screens can show up anything at any time without showing some blank space between the takes. These systems are not a game and need to be treated with caution and respect because of the inversion of money behind them.

The 3D billboards or Anamorphic billboards are a tool of marketing that can be very powerful in the right hands, this because it can provide the experience you want for your consumers in no time. Try to use this tool with adequate equipment so your strategy works successfully, create the space you want in the way you want and the brand will grow in seconds thanks to your creativity.


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