How can the brands adapt themselves to the LED?

Some experts indicate that advertising directly with 3D LED screens is more effective that actually doing it with generic and plain billboards, right now the latest trend in advertising is the 3D anamorphic content created by marketing agencies that work specifically with 3D content production or with a specialized 3D content production company present. With […]

The Advantage of LED screens

Acquiring a LED screen might seem to be a little disadvantageous because of the high prices in the market and the amount of options that make you feel like there is an overwhelming world behind this investment. Nonetheless, the investment on a 3D billboard is worth the price and the pressure of choosing the right […]

Frames on the LED screen and what to do

We all know and love the anamorphic ads we see every day in social media and how they are produced around the world to create a new experience in marketing. Since the day their popularity increased, everyone started to research about them and how they can produce them for their own brands. Nonetheless this is […]

Synchronic LED System

The LED screens have different types of controllers and systems that let them work properly, since this technology is so popular between marketing agencies and brands we are going to explain a little about the synchronic LED system screens. this style of screens is more common and friendly to big brands that actually don’t have […]

The difference between screen

The system that controls LED screens can vary between the different types of LED screens, some might be in sync systems and some can be manual or out of sync. This system will depend directly on the type of screen you decide to purchase, because not all of the screens are designed for all of […]

The investment on a LED screen

One of the main questions that you need to answer before acquiring a LED screen is: why should I buy one? Is it because it’s cool or is it because it is the right move for your company? These are some of the questions you need to answer before actually investing in a led screen. […]

How to buy a LED screen?

LED screens are an easy and useful resource for marketing and business in general because of how attractive they are for the audience. Since the existence of the LED screens as a marketing strategy, big companies have decided to invest not only in advertising them but also buy them for their own profit.  Are you […]

How to Make Naked Eye 3D Video?

What is a really naked-eye 3D LED Display? Outdoor 3D LED Screen is actually a combination of 3D Digital LED Display technology and L shape LED Screen or Traditional Flat LED screen to produce 3D images and 3D animation Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Screen is an LED Screen Display that allows viewers to enjoy […]


Happy to join Miami Lights, authorized reseller for HYPERVSN ARGENTINA on the presentation of the new Argentine Soccer team shirt. We love to continue developing audiovisual products adapted to new Dispalys technologies!    


We are glad to present you, our last work in collaboration with the brand FILA. This spot was a real challenge: a model from New-York, a shooting in Buenos Aires and modelization and realization of 3D animations in our studio. The final piece has been used for the digital communication: on social networks, on leaflets, […]