DOOH for PS-5 Argentina!

We are excited to share with you our latest work for PS5 and Final Fantasy XVI. In this project, we created anamorphic 3D content that takes the game experience to a new level. The optical illusion generated by the anamorphic technique brought the game’s elements to life in a 3D dimension. By projecting the content […]


Excited to present our new brand identity, especially on out-of-home digital screens in the city of Buenos Aires

Naked Eye 3D Technology: Revolutionizing Visual Engagement Strategies

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of Naked Eye 3D technology. Leave behind the burdensome glasses of the past and step into a reality where visuals burst forth from screens with unparalleled realism. Whether you’re at a bustling trade show, immersed in the dynamic energy of an event, or enveloped by the serene […]

3D content in mobile devices

Mobile devices and marketing are very known to each other, most companies and brands use marketing strategies through mobile devices because the investment is lower. Even when the budget is lower, the way people invest in this style of marketing and content is better because of 3D content. 3D advertising agencies use publicity in cell […]

3D publicity

3D publicity and marketing can be found or even more specifically applied in three different places or stages. These stages are Inside publivity, outside publicity and OOH publicity also known as Out Of Home publicity. These styles of publicity can be recognized very easily but have a big strategy behind them. The most common stage […]

The wonders of animation

The evolution of technologies brings out what we can call the golden age of animation, creating content that is attractive for the world to consume. This content started to surface at the beginning of the post war, after the technologie evolved so is the animation, where the art transcended the 2D screens and became 3D […]

Animated Graphics and others

Animated graphics are, in essence, graphics or drawings with movement. These types of graphics are essential for advertising and marketing strategies because they combine motion, sound and discipline in graphics that a stationary drawing can’t provide. This style of drawings is a technique that started at the end of the XX century where the discipline […]

The world of anamorphic screens

This type of advertising can be wonderful for those companies that want to bring their brand to the new aesthetic where the technologies and the artificial intelligence are dominating the scene, with the inclusion of vectors, lines, bits and set ups your brand will be on the next level of professional. The anamorphic screens represent […]

The naked eye as a technology advance

During the development of technology and lifestyle there are a lot of advances that make advertising and communications way easier to the companies that work with strategies of branding and lifestyle. This style of advertising plays with the idea of the naked eye with anamorphic content that can be displayed around the most sophisticated screens […]

The phenomenon of LED billboards

Through the phenomenon of 3D anamorphic screens or simply LED billboards we can learn how to build an entire universe with images, videos in 3D, scenes in 3D and content all in 3D for the brand that is advertising itself with this. planning this type of content to be molded exactly the way you want […]