DOOH for PS-5 Argentina!

We are excited to share with you our latest work for PS5 and Final Fantasy XVI. In this project, we created anamorphic 3D content that takes the game experience to a new level. The optical illusion generated by the anamorphic technique brought the game’s elements to life in a 3D dimension. By projecting the content […]


Excited to present our new brand identity, especially on out-of-home digital screens in the city of Buenos Aires

Naked Eye 3D Technology: Revolutionizing Visual Engagement Strategies

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of Naked Eye 3D technology. Leave behind the burdensome glasses of the past and step into a reality where visuals burst forth from screens with unparalleled realism. Whether you’re at a bustling trade show, immersed in the dynamic energy of an event, or enveloped by the serene […]

How to Make Naked Eye 3D Video?

What is a really naked-eye 3D LED Display? Outdoor 3D LED Screen is actually a combination of 3D Digital LED Display technology and L shape LED Screen or Traditional Flat LED screen to produce 3D images and 3D animation Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Screen is an LED Screen Display that allows viewers to enjoy […]


Happy to join Miami Lights, authorized reseller for HYPERVSN ARGENTINA on the presentation of the new Argentine Soccer team shirt. We love to continue developing audiovisual products adapted to new Dispalys technologies!    


We are glad to present you, our last work in collaboration with the brand FILA. This spot was a real challenge: a model from New-York, a shooting in Buenos Aires and modelization and realization of 3D animations in our studio. The final piece has been used for the digital communication: on social networks, on leaflets, […]

Branding Argentina !

We are proud of our last realisation for our country brand. It was a real pride to work for a brand that representing us. For this opportunity offered by IMPROTUR, we present different pieces. Each one of them reflect a different latitude of the country.

Branding channel OYE Music

We were very proud and happy to produce the entire branding of the Panamanian channel of music OYE, in collaboration with the Litwink agency. From the set, by the buzz/ logotype to the brand animations… What’s the result? A fresh, unique and modern product. A trailer of the final work is available down below.  

Cheers with Norton !

The Norton’ sparkling wine just coming for the end of the year, and also for all your parties, celebrations. For us, it was a great opportunity, to gather all the team and film this incredible spot with the DON agency. For styling, we collaborated with the art director argentinian, Kobra Kei. For the photo, we […]

Thanks for visiting us Russia !

We were happy to receive in our house, AD CONSULT RUSSIA‘s colleagues . It was an honor to receive and meet so many advertising agencies, audiovisual producers… from Russia in our tiny studio, in Buenos Aires. Without a doubt, it’s a good way to inaugurate new relations with this powerful country. Spasiva Russia !