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Animated Graphics and others

Animated graphics are, in essence, graphics or drawings with movement. These types of graphics are essential for advertising and marketing strategies because they combine motion, sound and discipline in graphics that a stationary drawing can’t provide. This style of drawings is a technique that started at the end of the XX century where the discipline actually turned the graphic design career by storm.

Graphic designers were focused on static designs, lacking diversity and enthusiasm and with it lacking creativity. When we talk about graphic design we refer directly to producing 3D content that is attractive to a certain audience, creating something that people can enjoy through art and colors.

Lately 3D advertising agencies have been investing on animated graphics, this is because they are noticing that these types of content and strategies are more attractive to the ones that consume products and hence they are more effective in the audience.

It is not about a movie

The animation of graphics and drawing does not mean that you are going to create a full feature film, not at all, it is not like a Disney movie where every character has its own personality and has its own story arc. The creation of this type of media is to be used or reproduced in places like a 3D billboard, an anamorphic ad or in any other anamorphic LED billboard.

When we talk about animated graphics and designs the creatives are doing a reference about the combo of letters and elements of design that are fully animated, with them you can create a mix that is so creative that can advertise any product of any brand. If you want to advertise in a more creative and professional way you can always contact us, we provide the best products and work with the best techniques.

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