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3D publicity

3D publicity and marketing can be found or even more specifically applied in three different places or stages. These stages are Inside publivity, outside publicity and OOH publicity also known as Out Of Home publicity. These styles of publicity can be recognized very easily but have a big strategy behind them.

The most common stage is of course the OOH or Out Of Home publicity, but as common as it is also the most spectacular because of the exaggeration and theatricality of this type of publicity. In fact, these types of strategies are implanted in big screens where the impact of the 3D LED screens is bigger.

the impact of Out Of Home publicity can make an anamorphic billboard go viral on social media, just because the billboard is so flash and stylish that it can take the attention all by itself, no need to look at the messages or the way it is structured, the colors and animation speak for themselves.

The budget is fundamental

Even when the publicity outside is maybe the best strategy to apply it can also be very expensive, only big brands can afford this type of marketing and they need to call 3D content production companies that can fulfill those needs of production. Let’s be honest in this case, marketing has never been cheap and cheap marketing can cause even more expensive.

The investment needs to be proportional to the brand and the needs that this have, bring out some good animation with 3D anamorphic content only if you have the investment to do it, if not use another type of strategy with a different approach. The style of advertising depends on the brand, you can check on our website to find out more about this and other types of styles of marketing.

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