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3D content in mobile devices

Mobile devices and marketing are very known to each other, most companies and brands use marketing strategies through mobile devices because the investment is lower. Even when the budget is lower, the way people invest in this style of marketing and content is better because of 3D content.

3D advertising agencies use publicity in cell phones, computers, smart tvs and video game consoles. Most of them are applied by ecommerce or marketplaces like Amazon, EBay and Target, where the user can have images in three dimensions or 3D of the product that they want to purchase.

This in particular lets the consumer interact with the product before the final action of purchase, the consumer can evaluate the characteristics of the product, the style and the aesthetic. When the consumer can visualize the product by itself then they can make a decision way easier.

The mixing of strategies
This is the most common and fun way to advertise using 3D content and with the help of 3D content production companies it is way easier to combine strategies for a wider field of success. In this area the traditional marketing gets combined with the use of mobile devices making the 3D experience much wider to the users.

The most popular case of these types of ads is the campaign for “Burn That Ad” where the users could take a bigger look of the ads and discover their real message, the ads were all posters of paper but through the phones you could actually see the meaning of them.

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